Aaron Boone backs Gleyber Torres despite moving him from shortstop

Gleyber Torres is not going through his prime in the majors. After his first two dream seasons in the uniform of the New York Yankees, the last two seasons have not been positive for the Venezuelan infielder.

This week he was relegated from shortstop and his manager, Aaron Boone, announced that the rest of the season he will be contesting it in the second pad, the position he played the most in his first two years in the best baseball in the world.

Precisely Boone was consulted by the press about the multiple changes to the defense that Torres has had to undergo to stay in the lineup. “Gleyber is going to have an important role in all this. We only expect the best of him,” the strategist told journalist Justin Shackil.

Torres has 18 errors in 108 games at shortstop this year. His outlook with the wood has not been encouraging either, with .249 average, with seven homers and 45 RBIs in 2021.

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