Benzema, fired

Carlo Ancelotti tries to give a new impetus to Real Madrid but there are some things that seem impossible to change, such as the team breathing in attack at the pace it sets Karim Benzema. However, the Italian coach launched a blow in his presentation to the French when he was asked about the formula for the team to recover its punch without Cristiano. “Benzema has to score 50 goals and not 30. Vinícius has to score more … “, said the Italian, and it seems that the two players have gotten the message because at this rate, Vinícius too, with four goals in four games, would improve his records considerably.

In Karim’s case, this average would allow him to exceed his highest scoring season to spare, with 32 goals in the League of Records Mourinho, or their 30 last season, plus the four with France in the Eurocup, and the another 30 on 18-19.

MX: Goal by Benzema (2-2) at Real Madrid 5-2 Celta

And it is that for Karim this start is unique. It is true that in another campaign he managed to add five goals in his first four games, in 15-16, but he did not sign any assistance and would end that campaign with 28 targets in total. He also added five at the start of the 19-20, but in its first five days. In four, as up to now, he was going to goal per game.

In Benzema’s start in these twelve seasons, his progression is undoubtedly appreciated. The first, with Pellegrini, He suffered a lot and in the first four days it was already a substitute and added a goal. A single goal in the next, two in 11-12, although he would eventually sign his best scoring record so far, or no goals again in 12-13. However, it has been a long time since Benzema starts very plugged and especially since Cristiano’s departure he has become one of the center forwards in Europe with the best numbers and the most valued.

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So much so that in recent years Benzema has managed to fight him the Pichichi to Leo Messi. With the Argentine in the PSG, Karim aspires to achieve this award for the first time since he arrived at the white club, It would undoubtedly be more than significant because It would imply ending the reign of Cristiano and Messi in this MARCA trophy. And it is that since Karim landed in Madrid a little more than 12 years ago, only in one edition, in 15-16, another player won the award, Luis Suarez, that he had to sign 40 targets to surpass his partner and CR7. Karim, what has participated in 9 of the 13 goals for Madrid so far, he leads the table for now with five goals, but closely followed with 4 by Vini and Oyarzabal.

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