Bordalás fully complies with Lim’s request in July

First stop in time and hour. The Valencia of José Bordalás has fulfilled with the first – and demanding – challenge that Meriton marked. Specifically Peter Lim that demanded a complex objective that He fell from step to step until he reached the Alicante technician. The start of the league should be noteworthy. And well he has. This Valencia has added 10 of the 12 possible points. Quite a feat for where and how this team and this institution come … very punished in recent years.

The beginning was a challenge that was marked. When the calendar put added pressure for the 57-year-old coach. At that request of the highest instance of the entity a suitable garter boot was coming. And with a trap in case ben did not come out … Getafe, Granada, Alaves and Osasuna before the match against the Real Madrid and then the Seville and the Athletic. Well said and done, the work has worked. Three wins and a draw. Ten points. A high-rise garter boot.

Peter Lim freaked out last season with the project he prepared. A team with many important casualties, without highs and with reinforcements in the middle of the season that hardly counted. The team flirted with several crises due to its poor classification and was on the verge of relegation places. That first year of tightening the belt brought risks and they were about to burn.

That is why I did not want it to happen again. And with the arrival of Bordalás the demands and requests of the owner became known, as MARCA pointed out last August, where he played. A start with all of the law was non-negotiable: strong, forceful. For that, this new project had been entrusted to the work and perseverance of Bordalás.

And the business card of José Bordalás at his entry into Valencia it is almost unbeatable. It has given him a new air, he has renewed energy and now he reaches the fifth day with that first challenge fulfilled. Before Real Madrid arrived (matchday 5), Sevilla (6) and Athletic (7) had to add and generate a good cushion. Well 10 out of 12 points.

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