Former NFL player convicted of attempted murder

Former NFL player Justin Bannan convicted of attempted murder and first-degree assault for shooting a woman in 2019.

Bannan, 42, told police when he was arrested that he was on the run from the Russian mob when she walked into acupuncturist Ashley Marie’s treatment room in Boulder, Colorado. When she opened the door to her office, Bannan fired. According to police records, at the time of his arrest he was carrying a rolled-up $ 20 bill that contained traces of cocaine, according to USA Today.

The woman was taken to hospital where she was treated for a fractured humerus. Bannan was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2002 and played for several teams during his 12-year professional career (Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, St. Louis Rams, and Detroit Lions).

The Bannan’s defense argued that the concussions suffered During his career they led him to suffer from paranoid thoughts that motivated his conduct in the 2019 incident.

The Defense attorney Harvey Steinberg compared his client to a gladiator at trial: In Roman times, people came to cheer on gladiators. And they were great. And then when they were done with them, as you know historically, they fed them to the lions. “

Prosecutors argued that Bannan was drugged but does not have mental problems. The jury agreed and, after eight hours of deliberation, they found Bannan guilty. In November the sentence will be known. He faces between 16 and 48 years in prison.

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