Fran Escribá: “We could have had occasions not to end up suffering”

ANDl Elche added its first victory this season and Fran Scribe wants to put his feet on the ground. In the first part he was not “satisfied”, but praised the performance of his players, especially Lucas Pérez and Johan Mojica.

AssessmentIn general in the first part I was not satisfiedThey did not generate opportunities for us but neither did we. The second part we modified some things, we had more possession. we were able in a counter to end with less suffering. They have generated very little for us. In general I am satisfied with the victory and the good performance. “

Lucas PerezLucas came in good shape, the fact of continuing to play with Benedetto and Boyé is because they give good performance. Lucas Pérez was still in a good time. We have taken him out of second striker, but he is versatile. Even, we’ll see, he has precipitated a couple of unchecks in which he could be left alone. “

Benedetto and Boyé had been playing because they have a good performance

Fran Scribe

Mojica “It is in a very good moment, it does not come from today, is performing at a great level. There are players who require an effort and they are band players. Physically he is perfect and he had options to score a good goal“.

Pedro Bigas “It’s a pain in the knee and there it is already known that you have to wait at least 48 hours. We trust you will be in for a scare. Unfortunately it was a bad fall and someone fell on his leg. “

Physically he is perfect

Fran Escribá, about Mojica

Getafe CFI still think that the reading to do right nowI understand that it may be alarmist, I would not do it, it has a template to be in higher positions, positions in which I want it to be. It has had a very complicated schedule. With the wickers and trainer that he has, he will be in other areas without problem“.

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