Guti: “Vinicius will go as far as he wants”

Few players know the Real Madrid What Jose Maria Gutierrez ‘Guti’ (Torrejón de Ardoz, 1976). EFE spoke with him to analyze the beginning of the course of the white team and the figure of some footballers after the presentation of an agreement of The league, where he serves as an ambassador, with Burger King.

Question: How have you seen Real Madrid at the start of the season?

Answer: Good. Within what we expected. It is true that offensively he is fine, that he is struggling a bit defensively. He has to improve those things when he has to face great teams but on an offensive level he is giving many good things, he is scoring many goals. It is a team that you want to see.

Q: It seems that Vinicius has taken a step forward. How far can you go?

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