“La Real is strong and has different weapons”

If the atmosphere in Eindhoven happens to settle the debut in the Europa League with a placid evening, Roger schmidt has been in charge of putting on the table the potential that in his opinion has the Real. “A strong team, with many qualities and different weapons”, for the PSV coach.

Imanol Sheriff took their praise as Schmidt he noted that his pupils are “tactically very good.” La Real “has a lot of individual quality,” warns a coach who anticipates an “immediate challenge.”

Roger schmidt predicts difficulties to qualify in a group where they will coexist with “two great teams” such as Real and Monaco. The PSV coach opens the door for the lame Thomas, Pröper, Rosemary and Charlie Vinicius arrive in time to play against Real. Sangaré he will be out after arriving injured from his concentration with Ivory Coast.

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