Lopetegui: “We have had all the difficulties that can arise”

Julen lopetegui has gone through the press room to assess the draw against him Salzburg. Previously, he also attended the official media of the Seville. “We always go for the three points, but I can’t be angry. We have had all the difficulties that can come together in a match. We have dominated a good team, with a lot of rhythm and very good players. We entered the game very well and the first slap came in the form of a penalty, and then the second. With the expulsion in the second part, playing a time in the Champions League with one less is complex. With all the difficulties, the team has made a great effort and we have been able, and we have deserved, to win“declared the one from Asteasu.

It was a difficult first part for him Seville, but “we do not disconnect at all. The rivals are all good, look what happened with Manchester United. The team has come out plugged, we did a good first 20 minutes and without having suffered they have punished us with three penalties that surely we could have avoided“.

Referee’s assessment

“He has tried to do his job but we are not happy. Three penalties, the expulsion that, they tell me, was out of Youssef’s previous game, some cards that he could get from Salzburg and us, they took it from us to the minimum …”

Support from the fans

“In these types of situations and with one less man, having the encouragement of the team helps a lot. That extra encouragement the team appreciates, without a doubt”

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