MARCA RETRO commemorates 50 years of Celta’s first match in Europe

ORn Wednesday more, we have put the time machine into operation with Vicente Ortega and his RETRO BRAND to travel back 50 years. It’s 1971. The Vietnam War live his last years, John Lennon premieres his song Imagine, Tahiti thrashing at Cook islands 30-0 and establishes the greatest victory in football history and, on September 15, the Celta Vigo debuts in UEFA Cup with a 0-2 against him Aberdeen.

In this space of ‘The Sports Radio’ we have talked to Manolo Rodriguez, former captain of the Galician team during that European adventure; and with Alexsandr Mostovoi, former player of the celestial during his golden decade.

Relive, with the protagonists who were in the front line, those moments of splendor in the Galician city, and the legacy they left years later.

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