Radamel Falcao will carry the 3 on his back

Radamel Falcao already has a number: Number 3. Modern football and closing signings on the horn has these things. On the 9th it already had an owner (Randy Nteka) and they were free on fifteen and the one who has finally chosen the Colombian. The tiger will roar again and it will do so with the usual number on the left side.

And it is not the only news around the star signing of Rayo Vallecano, and is that Falcao He has already completed his first training under the orders of Andoni Iraola. It has been in the Las Rozas Football City, where the franjirrojos will also exercise this Wednesday to prepare the clash against the Getafe. It will be then when the Colombian debuted with its new colors.

In addition, in the absence of official confirmation and if time permits, Thursday will be the launch of the tiger. Fans will be able to see for the first time his new idol with the strip during the presentation of the ram.

Martín Merquelanz, serious injury ruled out

The positive point of the day has been Martin Merquelanz after this Monday the corresponding medical tests were carried out on his knee. The one from Irún had to be replaced during the game against him I raised and the greatest fear was the possible rupture of the cruciate ligament, but that has been ruled out.

There are still some more tests to be done and we will have to be aware of its evolution, but at least it seems certain that the winger has not suffered an injury that he knows very well and that you already know what it is like to suffer on both of your knees.

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