Raiders owner’s latest eccentricity: a $ 14 million big case

MArk Davis is one of the most controversial characters in the NFL world. He’s been running the Raiders franchise for a decade, and He will always be remembered for being the owner who moved the team from Oakland to Las Vegas..

Davis comes back to the fore, but this time for a personal matter. As reported by the media Las Vegas Review-Journal, the majority shareholder of the Raiders (47%), a house valued at $ 14 million is being built. Davis owns a parcel in the luxurious community of Ascaya.

The particularity of the matter lies in the Similarities that can be found between the mansion design and the facilities where the NFL team trains. It would also bear a certain resemblance to the stadium in which the Raiders have played their home games since last season.

One of the architects involved in the design and construction of the house speaks of a commercial intention that goes beyond the purely ostentatious: “Build this house as part of your brand”. When it comes to getting the attention of the general public again, Mark Davis has done it again.

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