Shameful! A black American football player forced to sit among bananas like a monkey

Nnew racist scandal in sports after coming to light some embarrassing pictures at Moline’s high school, in northwestern Illinois (United States). In the video, of just 11 seconds, you can hear a football team player threatening a black teammate to sit at the locker that was full of banana peels. The player, whose face does not appear in the video, is heard saying: “Or I’ll break both of your knees.”

When the black player, whose name or age has not been disclosed, finally sits down, others in the locker room are heard yelling, “Yes!”

A “racist and disgusting” act

The video, which went viral, reached the authorities, who are already investigating this racist act. Moline Police Chief Darren Gault called the incident a “disturbing racist scene.”

It’s a disgusting way to treat a teammate, a human being

Darren Gault, Moline Police Chief

The investigation determined that all the people involved were teammates and that they have already been identified. “Regardless of these facts, we all agree that it is a disgusting way to treat a teammate, a human being, and certainly a friend,” Gault said. “We all agree that, Regardless of whether students consider it a joke, it is unacceptable behavior“He added in statements collected by Daily Mail.

The incident occurred last Thursday. Moline’s football team played an away game on Friday night and detectives were already at the school waiting to talk to the players when they returned. shortly before midnight.

Detectives spent the weekend interviewing players, coaches and staff members before delivering their findings to prosecutors.

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