When the NFL censored the Stones

VAway from that, no matter how much Mick Jagger moved in concerts, a serious approach to the Rolling Stones cannot focus on physical exercise. That of the British band is above all a musical history, it would be missing more, but also a history of excesses much more than of healthy habits. Rock is like that. Or was. Even Charlie Watts lived through his messy days, in the mid-1980s, even though he was the calmest, the neater, and the most elegant of the bunch. At the time of his goodbye (he died on Tuesday, at the age of 80), from here you can collect, in any case, certain concerns of the drummer (or drummer, whatever you prefer) and of his companions regarding the elite sport is concerned.

Dolton is a rural town located in the county of Devon. It is in the southwest of England, close to the English Channel, and there is the farm where Watts lived, on the banks of the River Torridge and near the Halsdon Nature Reserve. In the middle of nature, it could be written if it didn’t sound so mellow. It is known that Charlie hated touring, “I love what I do but I would like to go home every night”, and that in Dolton, among other things, he raised Arabian horses. The equestrian, in that sense, was one of the areas in which he allowed himself to be seen. With his hat and everything, if we refer to the Ascot racetrack.

When it comes to football, Watts was a Tottenham fan. After his death, for example, a peculiar episode has been rescued, according to which the bad fleas that he exhibited during the recording of the video clip of ‘One Hit’ corresponded to the coincidence in terms of the date with the tribute party to the mythical Ardiles in White Hart Lane. The story must be taken with certain reservations, because it dates back to 1986, just when the drummer was skidding as far as his personal life is concerned, but in any case Charlie was not in the goodbye to Osvaldo. The one who was there was a certain Diego Armando Maradona …

And that ties back to the Stones, because the Fluff later shared a night of fun with Ron Wood, another permanent member of the band. When it occurred to Pelé to compare himself to a famous composer, the Argentine’s response was overwhelming … and he passed among other musicians by the protagonists of this report: “Every time the pill crosses him, he says stupid things. If he’s Beethoven, I’m the Ron Wood, the Keith Richards, and the Bond of football, all together. Because I was passion. ”

Before attending to the one that justifies the title of this report, two more sports notes: one on Keith Richards and another on the aforementioned Jagger. As for the first, He played in the lower ranks of Brentford, which precisely this season plays in the top flight of English football for the first time in its history And that he could not start that career better in the Premier, also, ending the premiere with a great victory against Arsenal and rescuing tables later in the visit to Crystal Palace. As for the second, He is the son of Basil Joseph (died 2006), a Physical Education teacher known especially for being one of the people who helped popularize basketball first in the county of Kent and then throughout the island.

And now yes: the 2006 Superbowl, held in Detroit and in which the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks 21-10. The usual intermission show had the Stones as protagonists, but, two years after the scandal (and the millionaire sanctions) that caused a partial nude of Janet Jackson during the concert she offered with Justin Timberlake, the National Football League, organizer of the event, he decided to mute Jagger’s microphone in two passages of the songs ‘Start me up’ and ‘Rough Justice’, for considering too explicit, respectively, the phrase “you make a dead man come” (in reference to ejaculation) and the word “cocks” (vulgarism to refer to the penis). The one that sounded complete was ‘Satisfaction’.

At first it was ensured that there was consensus for the measure, based on statements made by Brian McCarthy, NFL spokesman: “The Stones knew it and it was fine with them. They didn’t care. Mick knew our planFran Curtis, on behalf of the band, however released a different version: “The group thinks the censorship of their songs was absolutely ridiculous and completely unnecessary.“. Be that as it may, it happened. To perform in sports venues, in any case, they didn’t need a Superbowl. Only in Spain, the list is vast: Santiago Bernabéu, Vicente Calderón (legendary concert under the storm in 1982), El Molinón, San Mamés, Anoeta, Olímpico de Barcelona … even the Guillermo Amor stadium, former Foietes, Atlético Benidorm, former Benidorm CF

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