Who has more money, Miguel Cabrera or Manny Ramírez?

Miguel Cabrera and Manny Ramirez appear in the majority of MLB offensive departments among Latino players. In fact, in the 2021 campaign, the Venezuelan surpassed the 500 home run mark, a statistic in which “Manny” appears with 555.

During what has been “Miggy’s” career in the Major Leagues, the first baseman for the Detroit Tigers, who has had juicy contracts, includes a World Series ring with the Florida Marlins (currently Miami), 11 All-Star Game appearances, 4 American League batting titles, 7 Silver Bats, a Triple Crown and 2 American League MVPs.

For his part, Manny, who served 19 contests, had 12 All-Star calls, 9 Silver Bats, a batting title, 2 World Series rings and an MVP in that instance of the tournament. All these achievements also allowed Ramírez to make great deals that ensured his future.

When reviewing which of these two figures currently has more money, we find that Cabrera has a net worth of more than $ 125 million for the $ 110 million that the Dominican has, according to information from the Celebrity Networth site.

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