Yunus Musah: the thousand stories since his ‘boom’ a year ago

Yunus Musah meets a dream year in the football elitel. This September 13 is a date very remembered by the young American footballer. Just a year ago, Valencia made their league debut against Levante. It was the 2020-21 campaign and suddenly the previous coach, Javi grace, gave an eleven where the presence of a young man of just 17 years on the right wing. It was a debut in style. In a big way. He entered his name for the first time in the League.

Since then 365 days of true vertigo have passed. Of everything. Good experiences and others not so much who are helping you position yourself in a complex professional world and demanding not only for professional performance but for public opinion … The truth is that Yunus has even lived the process of being of age in the elite. Few make it.

Debut with 17 years in Valencia and La Liga

That alignment drew attention. It could be suspected but there is always that uncertainty if a coach would give him the alternative with those just 17 years. Well it was. Gracia steeled herself – possibly the only positive point on her professional sheet at the head of the Mestalla club – and took it out in the eleven. Before him I raised. In a derby. Completed almost the entire match, He caused a sensation, the ball hit the crossbar, he ended up exhausted … It turned out to be a dream baptism. His first step in Valencia. Did it with 17 years, nine months and 15 days.

His first goal: a hallmark of power, grit and precision

Two months after debuting his first goal came. It was against Getafe. A reward. Carrerón from his field to the blue finish line. Physical display that impacted and definition with the interior and where he wanted after having ridden with the ball and his rivals stalking him for 70 meters. It made a big impact. Again. It was not one more goal. With that much he put his name in orbit.

The international arrival: the England-USA ‘fight’ and their decision

Yunus’s name began to flow like rivers of ink, the international fight began. England was trying hard to continue its progression to reach the absolute shortly but it had to fulfill its stages. He had already been international in all the lower categories. But the call came from the United States.

He had been born, almost by accident in the North American country, and it made him tinkle. In fact they convinced him to try without any commitment. Was dazzled with the American project and after several months evaluating it, he said ‘yes’. It was in June 2021 when he had already covered the term of matches and it was up to him to decide. Official duels with the USA and played. Yunus believes that it is the best for him. He won the Concacaf tournament.

The real renewal with Valencia: mega-contract 2026

Yunus had a lower category contract. He had arrived a year earlier (August 2019 from Arsenal) and no one knew what could happen. But Its premature emergence caused Valencia to speed up steps before possible intentions of European clubs. He managed to tie it up. A negotiation that lasted a couple of months in its straight and decisive end and in December 2020 the agreement was announced. I signed until 2026. The player ensured a first major professional contract just reached the age of majority and Valencia was guaranteed a budding player.

First year of experience: the hard transit

Although the joy of debuting in professional football and in the Spanish league can never be taken away from the young player in his life, the first year has not been exempt from those couplings that after all are logical adaptation stages. It started playing, it caused an impact, but it went from more to less. The irregularity seized Yunus. A Normal process in a young man who reaches the elite and must follow his steps in a balanced way. It was time to fight with the vicissitudes of the day to day. And it reached a point where it lost prominence. He was no longer a starter, he no longer went out even as a supplement to the field. It is more with Voro was left out of any call. A logical process. Learning.

Success with the USA team: Concacaf champion is out

In June he enrolls with the North American team in official matches. In this way, he already makes the official entry as to play USA in his career. It was his choice and he corroborates it. The United States team was proclaimed champion of the first edition of the Final Four of the Concacaf League of Nations by winning 3-2, in overtime to that of Mexico.

Injuries: another way to overcome

To Yunus The ugliness of football has also come to him. The lesions. Is what happened to him this preseason in a friendly against the Greek team Atromites and the hard tackle he received in the ankle joint that left him KO. In fact the shadow of the operating room appeared but finally it did not. Conservative treatment and patience. In fact he has not been able to be in the entire preseason. It was low in the first two league games and after a month and a half he was finally seen. It was in the duel before him Alaves. He played the final minutes. The first of the season, is a player who counts for Bordalás despite the doubts that it could generate at the beginning of the preseason. But he has earned it.

Yunus-persona: a guy who quickly adapted to the culture

Yunus is 18 years old but he is a type of person very adaptable to situations due to his long life in that childhood and youth stage. He has lived in many places. He has breathed in the straight British spirit and fried Latin character of his time living in Italy of which he has always had very good memories. The point is that Yunus arrived and began to adapt quickly to the Spanish culture.

No more than see him and hear him speak Spanish. Handle a rich language. And it is fully established in Valencian society. A great point in favor to be able to perform at a professional level. And in that it is of note cum laude.

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