Aaron Rodgers’ surprising request to attempt the Super Bowl assault

Llife takes many turns. It’s what Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers must be thinking. Months ago his successful stage in the Wisconsin team was concluded.

The one who was MVP of Super Bowl XLV back in February 2011, did not hide his problems with the General Manager of the Packers, Brian Gutekunst. So much so that he asked the franchise owners to fire him.

Some time later, the waters returned to their course and Rodgers could be seen training with the team in the first sessions before the start of the season.

The signing of Randall Cobb, a 30-year-old catcher, who spent the first eight seasons of his career on the team, seems to have pleased the current league MVP.

Now Rodgers would like another favor from the managers, and his request is very clear: Clay Matthews.

Both he, Cobb himself and offensive tackle David Bakhtiari would be delighted to have the services of the linebacker again., who was part of the team that won the Super Bowl a decade ago.

It is not exactly a reinforcement that could contribute too much in the sports field, unlike the previous requests of Rodgers, since The 35-year-old is free after playing his last season with the Rams in 2019. Matthews has been a six-time Pro Bowl selection, the party of the stars. The last time in the 2015 season.

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