Abascal and Rocío Monasterio (VOX) attend the Vallecas Stadium box

The leaders of the VOX political party, Santiago Abascal Y Rocío Monastery, were the special guests in the box of the Vallecas Stadium in the duel that faced Vallecano Ray Y Albacete.

Both have shared a chair with the president of the Vallecano team, Martin – Presa, and, once the images have been disseminated (Unión Rayo), the fans of the Madrid team have gone into a rage due to their well-known far-left ideology and, above all , for the importance of the party since in the Albacete play Roman
Zozulya, former player of the Lightning, who was expelled from the team for his ties to the neo-Nazi movement.

In fact, the duel between the two last year had to be suspended because, when there was still an audience in the stands, the Ukrainian striker was repeatedly chanted “Nazi” and the referee decided to suspend the match.

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