Alberto Moreno: “The knee response has been very good”

Alberto Moreno, Villarreal side, He returned to ownership with his team against Barcelona last Sunday, after nine months since he did it for the last time by seriously injuring his left knee, and commented that it was “special” to play again from the start and that the knee response was “very good”.

The footballer had been training and playing for a few minutes with his team, but he did not seem to be close to returning to the title. The annoyances of Alfonso Pedraza, a fixed at eleven, and Estupiñán’s injury, they opened the doors of ownership almost 300 days later.

“The truth is that I did not expect it, I am very happy personally. The knee response has been very good. I was already very sure of her, and I am very happy because of how things have gone. The pity is that we could not win, it would have been ideal, “he commented.

On the semifinal of the Europa League, whose first leg they face this Thursday against Arsenal at La Cerámica, said they hope “to be able to give a great level and joy to the people.

“Now we must focus on what is coming, do the best possible in these four days. We must work hard, study Arsenal well, and to be able to make this a beautiful tie, “he concluded.

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