Athletic, first parts are not good

Atlético de Madrid
was defeated this past weekend in San Mamés, on his visit to Athletic Bilbao. One of the reasons was his low-key role in the first half of the crash. Something that has been happening too many times in the current championship.

For whatever reason, the Athletic from Simeone he enters the matches with a game and an attitude that are not the right ones, and finally he has to come back or turn the games around. And it does not always give.

It is a problem that in the Atlético de Madrid it does not hide. “It is clear that if this from the first parts is repeated, it is more of a problem for the coach than for the team. When a coach does not resolve that situation, something is wrong. We will try to improve ”, he explained. Diego
Simeone at the end of the crash in Saint

He has not been the only one who has recognized it in these months. “It cost us a lot in the beginning, they created us three chances and in the third they scored a goal for us. It was bad. There have been many times this season that we did not enter the games well. It’s everyone’s problem to come in strong and after they score us, we always go one gear less with the result against and with the fear that they might score a second for you ”, he lamented. Saul a few months ago after another of those games in which the Athletic gave away the first half.

From the numerical point of view the data are as follows, taking into account the competitions of League Y Champions. For example, in the first 45 minutes he has conceded 20 goals and in the second half 18.

The difference does not seem like much, but the matter takes on more body when we see that in up to 14 games they have been ahead of the rojiblanco team this year, on the scoreboard. Nine in the League and another five in Champions. Most in the first half, but not only. Among those who went in the first half, 11 games saw those goals in the first act. But speaking of the total, Atlético has a hard time getting over it. On League only three victories if the rival went ahead (two draws and four defeats). On Champions, only one win when the opposing team hit first (three losses).

In the case of AthleticFrom the offensive point of view, the data is clear. If we consider The league and the Champions, 27 goals scored were in the first 45 minutes. And a total of 217 shots -5.3 are produced in the first acts-. Meanwhile, the rojiblanco team increased their shots after the break -6.4 on average-, 263 in total. And of course, also the goals scored 40. There are 13 more, which shows that the team of Simeone it works better in the second part.

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