Benzema’s Formula 1 against Giroud’s kart

One of the most interesting duels that the Real Madrid – Chelsea of this Tuesday (9:00 p.m. / Movistar Champions League) will be the one that faces Karim Benzema Y Olivier giroud.

The two French forwards have a very different role in their respective teams and that is that while the madridista is capital in the forward position of his team, the blue usually acts as a substitute. However, their enmity was born in the French team where both fought for a position, that of forward, which ended up staying Giroud by the forced absence of Benzema.

Since then, there has always been a climate of tension that, above all, jumped just a year ago when, in a live on Instagram, Benzema made a derogatory comment about Giroud.

The madridista came to say that he was a Formula 1 while Giroud it was a kart. “We cannot confuse and we must not confuse a Formula 1 car with a kart car,” said the Real Madrid player, sending a stick to the Chelsea battering ram. “I am kind to him, but I am Formula 1,” he said.

In this way, Benzema set the networks on fire and GiroudDays later, he decided not to enter to assess his comment and just blurted out that “he was very funny about all that.”

So, just one year later, they face each other in the Champions semi-finals in search of the final of Istanbul. Good time to see who is more effective in the face of the door.

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