Carvajal’s cheeky push that Makkelie overlooked

The referee, Danny Makkelie, was in the eye of the hurricane since his appointment to lead the Real Madrid-Chelsea of the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions. With the Super League in the background and the threats of the UEFA to the Real Madrid and to Chelsea As part of the 12 founding clubs, all eyes were on the Dutch braid.

After leading the game with personality and success, Makkelie missed a clear push from Dani carvajal to Chilwell in the area of Real Madrid. It was the 57th minute when the white side took off the blue lane with his arm, clearly ignoring the dispute for the ball. In the first instance, the action did not seem clear, but in the slow-motion repetition if the Madridista’s infraction is appreciated, a common suspect to come out well when he commits a foul.

Neither Makkelie in the first instance nor his compatriot Kevin Blom, from the VAR, they saw a penalty in the push of Carvajal to Chilwell when on the scoreboard the tie shone at one.

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