Five years of Saúl’s best goal in the Champions League

April 27 is not another date for Saúl Ñíguez, footballer of the Atlético de Madrid. It is a date marked on the calendar for him because a day like this, five years ago, he scored one of the best goals of his career.

And not only that. One of the best goals in the history of the Champions League. The memory of the fans still remembers the great goal he scored against the Bavarians, in the Champions, in 2016, after leaving several rivals, dribbling, looking for a hole and beating Neuer in the Calderon“That is one of the goals that you end up with in your life. I like it because it is a great goal and at the moment it is done but it is not one of my favorite goals ”, the player recalled later.

How would that great goal that until the UEFA, through his social networks, has shared that work of art, one of the high points of the career of the player Atlético de Madrid.

A reason to look back and motivate yourself to find that performance peak you had at that time, one of the highest. Especially now that he is spending a difficult time in the mattress team. Despite the fact that in recent training sessions he has been a starter, it has usually been one of the first changes of the Cholo. It remains to be seen what happens now that the Argentine coach has all his troops at his disposal, if he loses his place in the eleven.

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