Harassment of Trigueros for his provocative ‘post’ on Instagram after the criminal entry to Messi

It was the 60th minute of the game when Manu Trigueros gave him a brutal kick to Leo Messi in the area of ​​the shin. The referee of the match, C
arlos del Cerro Grande, did not hesitate for a second and expelled the player from La Mancha with direct red.

But the thing did not stop here and the nets have been thrown over the j
Villarreal player who, at the end of the meeting, left a controversial message on his Instagram account: “proud of the team and of the work”, the midfielder wrote along with several photos of the match.

Nails words that many have described as “Provocative”: “Who are you to enter Messi like this?”, “Butcher” or “that he does not play the rest of the season”, are some of the messages that can be read on the publication’s notice board.

The one from Talavera de la Reina, in fact, left the ground upset and making obvious gestures of disagreement. A position that was later supported by its entrant, Unai emery, at a press conference: “I have the question … If it were the other way around, would it be expulsion? “, the Basque questioned.


For its part, Leo Messi He did not want to comment on it and it seems that the culé team will be able to continue counting on him for the transcendental final stretch of the season.

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