Isak cuts the wind to beat his goalscoring record

The performance of Alexander
Isak at Ipurua it was a treaty of discord. A series of exuberant runs towards the goal of Eibar were poorly defined by the Swede who, on the contrary, hit his most static position. When the prolongation of You
Normand with his shoulder he landed on his left boot. He impaled and scored the 14th goal on his account this season.

They have all been in the League. Isak, the sprinter who blurred Eibar on the run, also cuts the wind to surpass himself. The Eritrean-born Nordic has only scored two fewer goals than in his inaugural season with Real. Last year he reached 16 between the League and the Cup. He has five days to pass the record, settling as he is in the highest position of the royalist gunners this season.

Only in League, Isak he has improved on the 13 goals he scored with Willem II in the Eridivisie (he scored 9 in Primera in 19/20). Their current 14 have provided Real 12 points in the championship.

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