Laporta: “In principle Koeman is still the coach”

The communiqué of Ronald Koeman in the press conference prior to the Cádiz match, he caught Joan Laporta in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva), a town where a meeting is held with the FC Barcelona clubs of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla.

Although the initial intention of Laporta was not to say anything about what happened in the press room, the president ended up attending the media that were waiting for him at the doors of his hotel and admitted that “we found out at the last minute that he wanted to do it, the technician has the obligation to attend press conferences and are free to answer questions or express themselves as they see fit. ” The president confirmed that “I respect his decision, we have found out minutes before, just like the captains.” And he gave a first reprimand to Koeman: “It was not necessary”, before stating that “at the press conference on Monday he was nervous, it is normal, this situation that he is experiencing may lead him to this today”.

The president of the club assured that “he is the coach of Barça and as long as he is, he will have our full support”, although he reiterated once again that “the coach always depends on the results and the game.” Aware that his words could provoke more controversy, he bit his tongue and commented that “as president I have to say calm”, but added that “we all make mistakes.” When he was saying goodbye to the media, he pointed out that “we are going to have to decide everything that has to be decided for the good of Barça, in principle Koeman he’s still the coach. ”

Laporta He did not want to argue and tried to calm the waters before the Cádiz game: “We are in a difficult moment, I must have a lot of serenity. These situations are overcome with good results and now important games are coming, we have to keep going and keep fighting.”

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