“Lukaku’s departure is positive for Lautaro”

The Argentinian Diego Milito, champion of everything with Inter de José Mourinho in 2010, opined this Wednesday that the departure of Belgian Romelu Lukaku from the Milanese club is positive for Lautaro Martínez, who is now the main element of the forward.

“Lautaro has grown a lot, although he still has enormous room for improvement. His strength is his mentality. He has clear ideas, he listens, he wants to learn. Before he was too angry on the pitch, now he has improved and has the mentality of a top-level player, “said Milito in an interview published by the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“He has already taken the right path. And if before the protagonist was Lukaku, now Lautaro is the main element of the front. It is positive for him,” Milito continued.

Milito was one of the great promoters of Lautaro Martínez, who saw his growth during his time as manager of Racing Avellaneda, and favored his signing for Inter Milan in 2018.

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