Marc Gasol never got over Drummond’s arrival

When the Los Angeles Lakers recruited Andre Drummond to fill the position of center starting last year, Marc Gasol described the movement as a difficult blow to digest. And although he ratified his commitment to the team, he acknowledged feeling “like Plan C or D” within the Los Angeles system.

Rumors of an imminent departure began then and intensified over the summer until his recent transfer to the Memphis Grizzlies was confirmed. However, his next destination will be the Girona of LEB Oro, the Spanish second division, according to the media L’Esportiu.

Despite influencing his absolute disposition and defining “as an honor” playing with the Lakers, the center Spanish never got over that degradation, according sources close to NBC Sports.

The Lakers faced the market shutdown and the waivers with the need to improve their squad, especially handicapped by the physical problems of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Drummond’s arrival didn’t emerge as the solution to the team’s problems but, on paper, it seemed like an interesting addition.

Now, Drummond has signed with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Lakers have bet to recover the formula that helped them conquer the 2020 ring: two inner towers that protect and run to the rim in Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan.

(Cover photo by Steph Chambers / Getty Images)


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