Marcelino’s term theory with young people at Athletic

Athletic performed at a high level in the first part of the game played on Sunday against Atlético with many youngsters in the eleven, especially from midfield forward: Victor (20 years), Sancet (twenty-one), Black pudding (22) and Villalibre (2. 3). Marcelino he prefers to be cautious when it comes to praising players from the bottom. “Athletic is a house with many floors. You do not have to settle for arriving, you have to settle in and this requires a lot of work, effort, humility and ambition and it will still be difficult. Only time will tell who complies with these values ​​and is capable of developing performance in Athletic ”, he said today in Lezama.

The Asturian has established the deadlines to become a full-fledged player in the first squad: “A good game is a coincidence, two too, three a little better, seven or eight means improvement, 20-23 stability and with 100-150 already you are a footballer consecrated in Athletic. To the talent we must add many other values. I love working with young people, that young people push and knock down the door and we will be grateful that this is the case, the increase in competitiveness will only result in the best performance of the team ”, he explained.

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