Quico Catalán: “Has it been the best market? No Am I proud? No”

It has not been the best market for Levante. In fact, Paco Lopez it has an overbooking of players that is difficult to manage. New footballers have arrived, butor there is a lack of reinforcements and a good number of footballers are left over that they will have zero options to play.

During Mustafi’s presentation, President Granota, Quico Catalan, first person assumed the errors. “We have a better squad than last year. We started the market with four goals. The first was to be a better squad than last year. Trying that the squad did not lose that level that we had and that it required some improvement. We faced four major objectives: center forward with a name and surname, an incorporation that was of the present and of the future. Incorporate a central and we have it. It is true that there is a position, or a profile of a footballer, a band player. Those four names have come three and I left Franquesa. He is a player who had been very followed and who was another objective. We tried until the last day. Can all templates be improved? Yes. We have 27 players in the squad “.

Wrong times

“The times of the market are not set by the club but by circumstances. There have been many circumstances, the club hastened the times looking for solutions that later did not appear.”


Has it been the best market? No Are you proud? No. But that we have done everything and more and we have worked to square everything. We have a better squad and more arguments on the pitch. We have a staff to achieve our goals. But we have not achieved the squaring of the circle, you have to be self-critical. I’m not happy about the fact that other clubs are in the same situation. The market is what it is and we have a better workforce than last year “.

Mounir chuiar

“That last day when we fought for the hiring of a player, the way was opened with another player because he was Sub-23. Ferni in the end did not want to continue and look for other alternatives. Knowing the difficulty of reaching the first team’s deadlines, the place It was free for Mustafi. At the close of the market, that option of this boy (Mounir) is given but we were late. “

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