Remiro and Odegaard’s plans for the European Championship

Remiro He recently opened a channel on Twitch where he interacted with some of his followers yesterday. There they talked about music, life and, obviously, football.

Asked about his idol, Cascante’s goal pointed to “Boxes”. He chose the “Bernabéu, Camp Nou, Calderón or El Sadar” as the fields that have most impressed him.

He acknowledged that at times, “after games I have a hard time sleeping a lot and I have to concentrate a lot. Imagine if you play badly … ”, said a Remiro who assured that this year “I’m playing at ease, I look good.” He highlighted the importance of footwork in goalkeepers because “nowadays, as football has evolved, it is very necessary.” And he confessed that “I see the children how they train them now, I see them play well and I see them at ease. If they teach me like this, I take off my gloves and end up playing central. Undoubtedly”.

Maintains a very good friendship with Odegaard: “We usually talk a lot and we have planned plans together like going to see the Eurocup.”

They asked him about his habit of turning his back when his teammates shoot a penalty: “As I know them so much, I watch the race and I know which side they are going to shoot. If I see that and I see that it is going to fail, I get nervous and prefer not to see it ”.

The famous parody of the Iñaki Williams video

And finally he spoke about the video recorded shortly after proclaiming himself Cup champion in which he parodied a phrase from Iñaki Williams. An image that has sat very badly in Bilbao. Remiro He was sincere, he accepted his mistake and explained: “I regret having said it at that time. That video on Instagram I don’t even know how many times I have seen it and it has remained like a joke with my friends. We do it to hesitate. At that moment the game ended, a cell phone came and I just said it at an out of place moment. The truth is that bad ”, indicated. “Sticks have fallen on me and I haven’t said anything because it’s logical. Me with that video of Iñaki I have laughed incredible. Played with Iñaki and we did it by shooting. I did it in a moment of euphoria and it wasn’t going for him. Everything that was generated is normal because we are exposed. It is the good and bad part of the networks. You are wrong and you assume. What are you going to do?”.

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