Roura and Altimira claim their legacy in the Barça quarry

Jordi Roura and Aureli Altimira were the most responsible for Barça youth football until last June. Together they designed the sporting path and accompanied hundreds of players, including those who are now sticking their heads out in the first team.

In a meeting with MD, both technicians were proud of the work done. “We have always believed that the future of Barça passes through the people of the house. When Barcelona, ​​whatever the situation, has had to pull from the quarry, it has always responded. La Masia is in enviable health. Everyone has been able to see our work. Gavi, Ansu –which we did not sign, but he was with us all the way-, Nico González, Alejandro Balde, Oscar Mingueza, Ilias Akhomach… And those who have not arrived for whatever reason ”, recalls Roura. His friend and partner confirmed the argument. “Without a doubt, what we are most proud of is seeing all these players who are reaching the first team. This was our job. You can win all the leagues, but the important thing is that the footballers grow, improve and the more they get to the top. We bet heavily on some of them and it is being seen now. And this comforts you, especially because they still remember you, they call you and thank you for everything you have done for them ”, added Altimira.

Both see La Masia as a basic institution for the present and future of Barcelona. “Those of us who have sucked Barça know of its importance. You can do the job very well, but if it is not believed from above, it is useless. Now is the ideal time to bet on the young, who will not fail. The fans believe in them and those in charge must also believe ”, indicated Altimira. In this sense, Roura affirmed that “it is a question of balance. Everyone must be clear about the importance of La Masia and more so in this time of crisis ”. At the same time, they revealed the key to success: “You must not change the football idea, you must continue betting on talent and another important thing is patience. La Masia is always in the spotlight because it is the benchmark quarry, but you have to be patient because there are very good players ”. “And be clear about the player’s profile, which player is good for our style,” Altimira pointed out.

One of the most difficult episodes Roura and Altimira had to deal with in their time at the youth team was the FIFA sanction. But they got their positive paret out of everything. “It was a very hard blow for the club,” they confirmed. Since then, they stopped looking so much outside and they went back to betting on the national product “by obligation” something that was key in their stage. “La Masia focuses a lot on the Catalan market, especially, and then the Spanish one. In Catalonia there are many teams that work very well. The main teams in Spain and around the world throw the net here. Catalan football is a source of extraordinary educational football and the added value of the feeling of belonging. It was a very tough stick, but it got us back on track ”.

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