The 5 keys of Madrid – Chelsea

The Real Madrid receive the Chelsea this Tuesday in the first leg of the semifinals of Champions League, a match that promises strong emotions and movements on the slates that can end up deciding the balance of what is coming as a tie that is more than even. These are the keys to the first leg match.

1. Transitions with spaces

It is well known that this Madrid is a team capable of killing the rival if they are granted spaces, but Tuchel’s Chelsea is not short in that sense. In fact, one of the great virtues of the ‘blue’ team since the arrival of the German coach to his bench is how well they interpret offensive transitions. It is no longer just how you run but when you choose to do it. In other words, it could perfectly be a game that induces drowsiness to end up deciding on specific actions of vertigo.

2. The physical aspect

Madrid does not have enough fuel for this final stretch of the season, while Chelsea has a good handful of young players in an exuberant physical moment. Depending on how the match goes, and bearing in mind that there is a return match in sight, it would not be surprising if Madrid slow down the tempo of the game in the final minutes.

3. The white engine room

Sergio Ramos is not there, but as we saw in the tie against Liverpool, it does not matter if the trident formed by Casemiro, Kroos and Modric is in tune. It is a serious mistake to think that a team begins to defend with the most retarded players, and in the case of this Madrid it can even be asserted that what happens in the core is much more important than what happens behind. In addition, Militao and Nacho are offering a more than remarkable performance.

4. Benzema as generated from spaces

Chelsea have a wide margin for improvement when it comes to defending their sides and players like Marco Asensio and Vinicius can do a lot of damage to the ‘blues’. But as for the central area, it shows itself as a very solid set. In this sense, it seems essential for Madrid that Benzema appear on great occasions, the one who retires to the dressing room tunnel when the game ends, satisfied after having given a football ‘masterclass’ in terms of mastering the spaces.

5. The success in the areas

It is a truism, but in this Madrid-Chelsea it promises to be more than important what happens in the areas in terms of success. Chelsea have not conceded a goal in 16 of the 21 games played by Tuchel, but it is difficult for him to concede absolutely nothing on a date like this Tuesday. Madrid has to be fine in that sense. Just over 100 meters from the goal defended by Mendy will be Courtois, who is completing a more than remarkable season.

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