The AFE meets with Second B footballers to talk about the new First RFEF

The Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE) has met this Tuesday with a representation of footballers from the clubs that are guaranteed their participation in the First RFEF next season and those who still have a chance to get it. A meeting that has served to mark the line of action after listening to the opinion of the players attending this meeting.

More of 60 footballers have attended this meeting with AFE which was represented by David aganzo (President), José Antonio Camach
or (member of the board of directors), José Verdú ‘Toché‘(member of the board of directors) and Javi Gomez (Director of Second B and Third Division).

AFE requested weeks ago to hold a meeting with representatives of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to receive information on the new categories, which decided to postpone the meeting until the Association had a president after the elections.

In this meeting, it was clear that the footballers consider that this category must be professional, with working conditions similar in many respects to those of their First and Second Division colleagues. Likewise, the group considers that it is necessary set a minimum wage, as it happens with the footballers of Primera and Se2nd Division. Also, regularize the situation of non-community.

Another issue that was addressed and will be negotiated with the RFEF is the number of U23 chips. In addition, it is considered necessary to agree with the RFEF on calendar and schedules of the matches of the coming season for this category. Another aspect that footballers understand as essential is that el ball with which the matches are played is, of the same quality as that used in First and Second Division.

After the meeting with representatives of Segunda B, AFE will go to the RFEF to arrange a meeting in order to analyze the future of this category and convey the feelings of the footballers.

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