The fortune that Atlético de Madrid took in the last Champions League

Atlético de Madrid
Like the rest of the world clubs, it suffered a setback in the business model in the past year due to the crisis caused by the global coronavirus epidemic. However, not everything was negative in terms of the losses suffered, which in the mattress case amounted to more than one hundred million euros.

There was also good news from an economic point of view, such as that the UEFA just made public. The highest body of European football communicated the money that the clubs participating in the Champions League and the Europe
League, they achieved last season.

Let us remember that in the case of Atlético de Madrid, reached the quarterfinals, until the final phase that was played in Lisbon in a single match. The team of Simeone qualified as second in the group and eliminated in the round of 16 at Liverpool, the machado of the season. Yet he fell to the Leipzig in that final round.

However, from an economic point of view, the Athletic he was one of the big winners of last season. It was the fifth club that made the most money, according to the figures revealed by UEFA. In total, 91.5 million euros between some concepts and others. Only the Manchester City -94.7-, the Barça -100.2-, the Bayern -125.4- and the PSG -126.8-, they made more money than the mattress team.

The rojiblanco club surpassed teams such as Lyon -91.2-, Juventus -84-, Real
Madrid -80.8-, Liverpool -79.5-, Chelsea -78.5-, Leipzig -68.6- or Dortmund -65.2-, among many other teams.

However, the economic crisis has been reflected in a reduction of the money that the UEFA distributed. If in 18/19 they were 3,093 million euros, in this past year they were 676 million less than those that the body could distribute in European competitions, going to ‘only’ 2,417 million.


In the 18/19 campaign, the mattress team took 85.6. On 17/18, the Atlético de Madrid achieved 47.82 million euros after participating in the Champions and the Europa League, tournament that ended up winning.

In the 16/17 season, the team of Simeone earned 60.6 million euros reaching the semifinals of the Champions (19.28 million for the market pool). The Cholo it is a gold mine for the mattress team. In the 15/16 season, to reach the final, the Athletic He entered 69,565,000 euros, in all concepts, according to UEFA. In 14-15, in which they reached the quarterfinals, 43.7 (23.3 in market pool). For its part, on 13/14, which also reached the final, this one in Lisbon, the Athletic he pocketed 50.5 (17.6 per market pool).

If we add to this the income from the Europe
League of the 11-12 that the team won Simeone (the tournament started with Apple tree on the bench), which were only 10.5 despite being champion, the earnings of the Cholo on Europe for the team they have been 282.68 million euros because the four million are also added to win the Super Cup from 2012 to Chelsea and the 4.5 prize for defeating the Real Madrid that course in Tallinn.

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