There was a Laporta-Yuste-Alemany summit at dawn

The “bulky defeat” to him Bayern, that’s how he defined it Pique After the meeting, he left Barcelona fans very angry and their leaders alert. So much so that the president, Joan Laporta, met in the same Camp Nou, after the meeting, with his vice president Rafael Yuste and the football director, Mateu alemany. The summit between the three faces of greater weight in the sporting plane of the club lasted until dawn and it was not until almost two o’clock that And you and Alemany they left the facilities of the Barça stadium in the same vehicle. The president did it later.

Except for a capital surprise, in that meeting no immediate decisions were made, but rather the reasons that had led the team to give the image it gave to the team were discussed. Bayern and in any case to think of formulas to redirect the situation.

The one who also left the stadium some time after what he usually does is Gerard Piqué, who left with his car after midnight, almost two hours after the end of the game, but the reasons why the center-back delayed his departure from the venue is unknown.

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