This is how they tried to bribe, for $ 30,000, a Spanish referee in the Champions League

Professionalization came to arbitration and everything changed. Before nothing was like now. Referees of the 70s, 80s and 90s, remember stories that today seem impossible. Travel, salaries or physical are some of the aspects that have changed the most.

Among them, a myth of Spanish arbitration, Antonio Jesus Lopez Nieto, tells the story of what happened to him in the preview of a Dynamo of Kiev-Panathinaikos in ‘The Others of Movistar’.

The note with the attempted bribe

The note with the attempted bribe

This Thursday it opens at 10pm. in #Come on. In this new chapter you will be able to remember, if you lived them, how those times were with the testimony of exceptional protagonists who lived a time that has nothing to do with what we live today.

Urízar Azpitarte, López Nieto, Sánchez Arminio, Díaz Vega, Iturralde González, Andújar Oliver or Rosa Bonet, considered the first Spanish referee, detailed in ‘The Others. Referees of those of before ‘experiences that today would seem unthinkable.

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