Tremendous fight in the stands of an NFL game … preseason!

FHigh too little for the NFL show to kick off into a new season. These days there are many preseason games in which teams try to prepare as best they can after more than half a year without competing.

One of the matches noted in these games prior to the start of the competition was the Los Angeles derby, between the Rams and the Chargers.

At SoFi Stadium, the Rams’ new temple, the clash took place, and not just on the field. The locals, who managed to overcome the Wildcard round in the playoffs last season, lost at home (6-13) to their neighbors. But the show would take place in the stands.

A tremendous incident between fans of both teams ended with a tumult in the stands until the security officers arrived.

Incidents that, although they occur with a certain normality, attract attention because it is a preseason game.

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